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DKR is a reggae reissue imprint from Brooklyn, NY, started in 2009. Our goal is simple - legit and high quality (re)issues of previously unreleased or hard to find Jamaican music - the hardest, heaviest, deepest stuff. No bootlegs, no bad new artwork, no terrible noisy or warped pressings like much of what was made in the latter years of record manufacturing in Jamaica. That said, it's not always easy. In the production of these records, efforts are made for the highest possible quality, and to utilize master tapes whenever possible. However, in some cases the master tape no longer exists, is lost, or is in unusable condition. Therefore, some selections have been repressed from original stampers (where we felt their wear was not a major detriment), or have been carefully remastered from very rare but unfortunately imperfect original press vinyl copies. Even with highly skilled and experienced reggae mastering engineers and the most modern audio soft/hardware, in some instances the results can still leave something to be desired, even for the most welcoming ears. In these cases we believe that the quality of the music will carry you through. Thanks for your support.