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1. Are some/any/all of these records bootlegs?


2. Have you, do you or will you use mp3's as masters to make records?


3. Can you reissue (insert name of record here)?

We release what we like, but feel free to send suggestions thru the contact page. Suggestions are always welcome, we always like to hear what records people would like to see reissued.

4. Can you tell me what records you're going to reissue in the future so I can sell my original press copy?


5. Are you ever going to put out CD compilations of your releases?

Looking very unlikely.

6. Are you going to offer your releases as digital downloads?

A handful of them are available digitally, and if a release is, it is noted on the item's page. Otherwise, very unlikely.

7. Can you sell me some unreleased songs to play on my sound system?


8. Do you "mess with"/edit/remix songs?


9. Can I pay you for a digital file of one of your releases?


10. Are releases that show as "sold out" going to be pressed again?

No. As of 2021, if a title shows as "sold out", it's very very likely gone for good. If a title shows as "coming soon", then it should be coming back in stock eventually, but we cannot pin point when.

11. Are any of these records "limited edition"?

No record is limited to any set amount of copies.

12. Do you make records on colored vinyl?

In the past we have, only at random and for the convenience of our manufacturer, at times when they only had colored material available to use. We have no idea how many of any one color exists.

13. I got a defective record. What should I do?

Like anything else in life you might buy, if it's defective, try and return it to where you bought it. If that doesn't work for some reason, please contact us and we'll do our best to sort you out. We sincerely appreciate all our customers and if you are interested enough in this music to buy one of our records, then we want you to be able to enjoy it.