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Bobby Melody - Original Melody 7" (Chopper Productions)

by Black Roots Band , Bobby Melody , and Gifted Roots Band ,

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Bobby Melody - Original Melody / Black Roots Band - Version 7" (Chopper Productions)
same rhythm as DKR-017, BE-006, DKR-084-JJ and B-side of DKR-085-JJ.

From Barbican, Kingston 8, the Chopper crew are back on road! From the mid 1980's straight thru until the early 90's, Choppers were steady releasing tunes both in Jamaica and NYC, and from young upcoming artists and veterans alike. 'Original Melody' is from Bobby Melody, letting you know none a them a ruff like the original! We were saddened by Bobby's recent passing, but let this tune serve as a reminder of what a great singer he was. This tune is backed with its own unique and wicked dub, a different mix to the dub side of 'Rasta Cowboy', which uses the same rhythm.