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Ciddy Bop - Warrior 7" (Channel 1)

by Ciddy Bop

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Ciddy Bop - Warrior / Dub 7" (Channel 1)

At long last, our unofficial companion piece to "Rocks & Mountains" sees the light of day. Another mystical dubplate tune by an unknown artist, "Warrior" developed a reputation among the most dedicated students of dubplates. The mysterious artist credit comes from a master tape box labeled with several Sly & Robbie dubplate tunes, in fact the very same tape which yielded our "Rocks & Mountains" master! However, part of the tape had been erased and re-used, so only a few seconds of the tune remained! It was heartbreaking, but enough to keep us hunting for the tune. It's now a few years after that near miss, and we finally secured a crisp master to bring this tune out. Hard, minimal, dubplate style roots from Sly & Robbie at Channel 1. Ciddy Bop, who are you?