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Clarence Parks - Things a Come Up To Bump 10" (Channel 1)

by Clarence Parks

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Clarence Parks - Things a Come Up To Bump / Version 10" (Channel 1)

Another barrage of shots from the Channel 1 archives, including another entry into our 'Lost & Found' series. First, Clarence Parks, one of our favorite singers of the 80s, had a relatively small but killer output, and we rate all of his tunes highly. So when we learned that he cut a handful of tunes for Channel 1, none of which were ever released, we couldn't wait to hear them. To our surprise, one of them was familiar, the infamous "Things a Come Up to Bump"! The rhythm for this tune is probably familiar to many. It's among a handful of riddims cut at Channel in the early 1980's and shared amongst a group of producers who were very active at the studio during this time. Despite being shelved by Channel, the tune found its way out there on vinyl (a somewhat frequent "mystery" of the 1980s reggae business), and has since cemented its place as one of the baddest cuts on a bad rhythm! So here's our first shot from Clarence at Maxfield Avenue, with a few more to come.