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Don Hickey - Try a Thing 7" (Harmodio)

by Don Hickey


Don Hickey - Try a Thing / Version 7" (Harmodio)

Don Hickey come again! Conrod Green's Harmodio label was the first label to really produce Don Hickey (now known as Doniki) in the mid 1980's, and got some of his best material. Killer vocals over some of the best early digital (live & programmed!) riddims, we present our top three Don Hickey selections from Harmodio. "Try a Thing" on the stalag riddim, definitely an 80s classic. "Dancehall Rock" is on a killer one-away riddim that sounds tempo influenced, and no surprise then that Don popularly sung over the tune for Star Trail in the 1990s on their killer lick of tempo. Finally, "Let Us Co-Operate", pure heat in a one-away riddim style, and the original cut of the tune which Don sung over a few years later for the Chopper label (and which we released last year and is still available!).