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Don 'Jah' Carlos / Soul Syndicate - Black Harmony / Version 7" (Rawse)

by Don Carlos , Jah Carlos , and Soul Syndicate ,


Don 'Jah' Carlos / Soul Syndicate - Black Harmony / Version 7" (Rawse)
Same rhythm as B-side of DKR-234
digital download available via Wackie's/Basic Channel

*JAN. 2023 - BACK IN STOCK!*

A long time in the making, part one of a new series of reissues produced by the great Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes. So many Wackie's productions are long among our personal favorites, and some helped introduce us to the wonderful world of Jamaican music. We'll be issuing many now hard to find singles as well as some previously LP-only tracks and other surprises! Our first selection of singles all appear, of course, on their original labels. An NYC/JA collaboration with Wackie's producing an early tune by Don Carlos, originally credited as 'Jah Carlos', over a tough Soul Syndicate rhythm. This one is on the Rawse label.