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Immortals - Babylon 7" (Don 1)

by Immortals

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Immortals - Babylon / Version 7" (Don 1)

Producer Danny Ffrench's DON 1 label only had a trio of releases, but all were stellar. One, the fantastic "Evil That You Do" by the male/female duo ROOTS is an undisputed classic, thankfully kept in-press for many years now, by Danny's collaborator and friend Clive Chin. All the music on the Don 1 label was recorded and mixed at the Chins' Randy's Studio 17 in the mid '70s, but none made too much of an impact at the time. But over the years collectors discovered these gems, and they became very sought after. We're proud to now make available the other two tunes on the Don 1 label. The Immortals' (note, NOT the same group who recorded for Augustus Pablo) "Babylon" is a killer slice of mid '70s roots, which was unfortunately pirated in very poor quality in recent years. Here now is a fully authorized reissue with excellent sound quality! Check out the wicked dub with wailing sirens! The other tune is the Episodes' "Blacker Than Black", a charming and youthful harmony tune with some great organ work. For us this tune really embodies the young and hopeful spirit of music-making in Kingston at the time...get in the studio and try a thing!