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Joe Axumite - No Equal Rights In Babylon 7" [remaster] (City Line)

by Bullwackie , Jerry Johnson , and Joe Axumite ,


Joe Axumite - No Equal Rights In Babylon 7" (City Line)
digital download available via Hardwax

New pressings of our very first two Wackie's releases from over a decade ago, first released by us in February 2013. Back then, these Joe Axumite & Wayne Jarrett 45's were remastered from original vinyl copies, as the tapes were MIA. In the years since we've been hard at work sourcing master tapes all over the place, including ones long thought lost or left behind. We had the good fortune of finding the tape for these singles a couple years ago, and since they've been out of press for a while, it seemed only right to remaster them now straight off the original tapes for optimum quality. The Joe Axumite 45 is probably my all time favorite Wackie's single, a defiant polemic against mere reform in a corrupt system, with a brilliant echo overdosed mix that perfectly encapsulates Wackie's late '70s sound. Likewise the Wayne Jarrett is equally canonical Wackie's, a killer vocal on one of the best original rhythms from the studio, back with a killer Jerry Johnson horns dub.