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Junior Khadaffy - Rampers Music 7" (Stereo Uprising)

by Junior Khadaffy

$7.00 / Sold Out

Junior Khadaffy - Rampers Music / Version 7" (Stereo Uprising)

A mythical tune for all serious digital reggae collectors, finally reissued. The obscure Junior Khadaffy (various spellings!) released only a handful of tunes in the mid-late '80s, but all are fantastic. This one was cut for E&F Studios in the Bronx, ran by the late artist I-Plee. Stereo Fletcher happens to be family to I-Plee, producing several records by the artist for his own labels. But the works went both ways, and Stereo produced this one for release on E&F's in-house label. Slick but killer digital reggae, this one has always reminded us of the production style of Little Kirk's "Weed Them Out", a fantastic arrangement, great vocals and a complex head-nodding rhythm. The original press is extremely rare and the tune is simply too good to remain that way, so here it is, top top top shelf '80s digital, now available for all.