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Junior Murvin / I Roy - Super Love / Flying High 12" EP (Sounds By Monk)

by I Roy , Junior Murvin , and King Tubby ,


Junior Murvin / I Roy - Super Love / Flying High 12" EP (Sounds By Monk)
6 track EP, vocal + 2 dub cuts each side. 1 dub cut on each side is previously unreleased.

*Sept. 2023 - Back in stock!*

Finally realized, here's one that was long on the DKR wish list. Among the very finest moments from both artists, these brilliant interpolations of Curtis' classics have been unavailable too long. A mesmerizing rhythm adorned with the lovely sounds of hand drums, melodica and flute, mixed and dubbed to perfection by King Tubby himself. This 12" is a 6 track EP, with all four cuts as originally released on two separate 45s, plus two unreleased mixes straight off the original tapes. We like to think Tubbs favored these cuts, as so many mixes were done! The dub titled "Super Cool" is, in our humble opinion, one of Tubby's top 10 extant mixes. Full disclosure, all tracks except "Super Cool Pt. 2" come from the original Jamaican mastertapes. We suspect the Pt. 2 mix was lost somewhere in NYC, but don't let that trouble you, this one should please all who have ears.

"Super Love"

"Flying High"