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Keithus I - Jah Children Cool 7" (Jah Dynasty)

by Keithus I

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Keithus I - Jah Children Cool / Version 7" (Jah Dynasty)

The long awaited second batch reissues from Milton "Keithus I" Samuels and his Jah Dynasty imprint are available now! "Red Hot" is an utter masterpiece of raw, rough and ready roots from 1975, and Keithus' first tune. Utilizing a killer rhythm provided by the Barrett Bros. of the Wailers band, and one of the deadliest organ lines from Tyrone "Organ D" Downie! The dub is mixed in a live sound system style with Family Man at the controls. Purely killer tune which desperately needed to be available. "Jah Children Cool" is from a year later, with Keithus showing a more mature voice and singing style, but none the less killer and militant. Lastly, his last released tune, "Prophecy", long desired, this one was only ever released on 7-inch in Canada via King Culture. A majestic tune with triumphant horns, finest caliber roots reggae.