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Kush Dan I - Jah Law of Love 7" (Zion Yant)

by Kush Dan I

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Kush Dan I - Jah Law of Love / Version 7" (Zion Yant)

Legendary and rare roots reggae tunes from 1982. Michael "Kush Dan I" Gardine produced himself doing the awesome "Jah Law of Love" at Tuff Gong to great effect, featuring fantastic instrumentation. Originally released only in tiny quantity on 45 in JA, it's back now, and featuring the same brilliant label art, faithfully reproduced in Jamaica from the original films! Around the same time, Kush also produced some tunes with Reggae George, most notably the well known "Three Wicked Men." But there is also this tune, "Girl You're Too Young", a killer slice of heavy lovers. Only ever dubiously released in Canada on a now very rare 12-inch, it's also back again, shedding some light on the under-appreciated artist and producer both.