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Lloyd Clarke - Hell and Heaven 7" (Super Star)

by Lloyd Clarke

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Lloyd Clarke - Hell and Heaven 7" (Super Star)
Same rhythm as DKR-230

Lloyd "Parro" Clarke is from the first generation of Jamaican recording artists. Starting his career in the late '50s, Lloyd began recording for many of the major record producers of Jamaica's first wave of records in the early '60s pre-ska era, and continued thru the decade and into the '70s, then recording for producers like Bunny Lee. In 1975 Lloyd recorded and produced for himself this haunting and lyrically striking philosophical roots tune, with Sly & Robbie on the rhythm section. To seal the deal as an all time classic, Lloyd had a monster dub version mixed at King Tubby's in Waterhouse. "Hell and Heaven" was released in Jamaica in minute numbers on Lloyd's own Super Star label, but only using recycled labels from his previous single "Young Love", making it as obscured as it is rare. It was also released in the UK as a 12" on the Spectrum label, but without the dub, changed instead to a discomix where Lloyd's vocal is followed by Trinity's deejay piece on the rhythm. Here we give you the original JA 45, vocal and dub.