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Midnight Riders - Wanted 7" (Tasha)

by Gifted Roots Band and Midnight Riders

$7.00 / Sold Out

Midnight Riders / Gifted Roots Band - Wanted / Strokes Dub 7" (Tasha)
same rhythm as DKR-024 and DKR-026.
Vocal previously unreleased.
Download available at Tasha Records

Deeper Knowledge presents the start of an ongoing and extensive reissue series of tunes from producer George 'Tasha' Nicholson! The mid '80s sound of Channel 1 studio has long been our favorite sound in reggae music, being some of the heaviest reggae ever made. Chief among those forwarding this sound, right alongside the Hookims, was George Nicholson. George worked exclusively at Channel 1 in this era, releasing tunes himself in Jamaica on his Tasha & Under Pressure imprints. Through licensing, much of George's music was also released on various other labels in the US, Jamaica, Canada and the UK. These days all of Tasha's productions have become hard to find, but we truly feel his productions are some of the absolute best music and original riddims of the 1980's, so it's time these tunes came back on the street. Deeper Knowledge has partnered with George to bring these tunes back to the spotlight on his original Tasha imprint. In addition to many of the tunes you may already know, we also have a killer selection of NEVER BEFORE RELEASED material from some of our all-time favorite artists, straight from master tapes! This project has been long in the making, and it is our pleasure and honor to help have these tunes be heard again, and for the first time.

We begin with three cuts on one of Tasha's best original riddims, played by the Gifted Roots Band, all cuts from 1984. Midnight Riders' massive tune "Wanted", is PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED, out now for the first time. All three tunes are backed with a killer dub version. "Wanted, for singing dangerous reggae music!"