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Mystic - Youths Get Tricked 7" (Leggo Sounds)

by Mystic

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Mystic - Youths Get Tricked / Version 7" (Leggo Sounds)

Digikiller proudly presents the first round of releases in a multi-part program of reissues from producer Trevor "Leggo" Douglas! As a long-time Orange Street producer, record store owner and then studio owner, Leggo has built a solid catalog of both wicked roots and dancehall, from the 1970's all the way thru the 1990's. For some time we've been huge fans of Leggo's productions, but as collectors we've found many of them inexplicably hard to find. So we're honored to be able to bring back some of our favorite Leggo productions and make them heard by all who will listen!

Forward to 1995, with "Youths Get Tricked" by Mystic. A pinnacle of 1990's digital roots, wailing against the corruption of the upper class.