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Prince Far I - Psalms For I LP / CD (Book of Psalms)

by Prince Far I


Prince Far I - Psalms For I LP / CD (Book of Psalms)
DKR-187 / DKR-187CD
May 2017: Now available on CD in 4 panel digipak!
Feb. 2018: ***LP SOLD OUT***

10 song LP from 1976, Prince Far I's first album. Produced by Lloydie Slim, this unique album finds Far I chanting Psalms and prayers over a tough selection of mostly Aggrovators-backed rhythms. This was reissued once before over a decade ago, now back again with the original artwork, and pressed from new stampers made from the pristine-condition original mother plates, yielding the identical deep and full Jamaican mastering of the original. A truly unique album that deserves a place in every self-respecting collection of deejay records.

*Please note: if you are outside the US and ONLY ordering the CD, you will unfortunately have to overpay for LP-rate shipping and receive a partial refund from us after you place your order. CD shipping is only $13 internationally. Thanks for your understanding.