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SSVW - Natty Burry 7" (Uprising)

by Advocates Aggregation and SSVW (Silk Satin Velvet & Wool)

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SSVW (Silk Satin Velvet and Wool) - Natty Burry / Advocates Aggregation - Satan Pickney (dub) 7" (Uprising)
Different mixes of this tune can be found on DKR-247

The enigmatic SSVW aka Silk Satin Velvet and Wool, is just a one-off alias for Carl "Stereo" Fletcher himself, despite this tune long having been incorrectly attributed to Little Roy. Stereo wrote and sang this awesome roots tune, a warning to all false rastas behaving like "satan pickney." We love the lyrics to this one, and to top that, the B-side features one of our favorite underrated dub versions of all time, with Sylvan Morris in a vicious mode, getting out of character and mixing much more, to our ears, in the style in King Tubby.