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SSVW - Natty Burry [Dubplate Mix] 7" (Uprising)

by Advocates Aggregation and SSVW (Silk Satin Velvet & Wool)

$7.50 / Sold Out

SSVW - Natty Burry (Dubplate Mix) / Satan Pickney (Version - Dubplate Mix) 7" (Uprising)
Previously unreleased. Different mixes to DKR-175

*JAN. 2023 - BACK IN STOCK!*

More from the vaults of UPRISING, previously unreleased dubplate mixes to one of our all-time favorite tunes. The vocal cut is an alternate take with slightly different lyrics over a more raw, spare cut of the rhythm, sans synthesizer, which has been rarely, if ever heard. The dub mix on the flip was played on dubplate by Jahlovemuzik back in the mid '70s. When one mix of a great tune is not enough, DKR is there. ;)