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Tyrone Evans - Rise Up 12" (Wackie's)

by Tyrone Evans

$15.00 / Sold Out

Tyrone Evans - Rise Up 12" (Wackie's)
Previously unreleased extended mixes; vocal discomix b/w dub. Comes in custom Wackie's/Bond Export disco sleeve.
Digital download available at Hardwax

In the early '80s, Tyrone Evans made a pair of albums with Bullwackie that have long been overlooked in the Wackie's catalog. But one track that has caught some attention is "Rise Up", from the second album "For Lovers Only." Like Itopia's "Sunshine Love" which we recently issued, "Rise Up" is another example of Wackie's blurring genre lines - uptempo reggae with a cosmic disco/boogie feel, and definitely a tune that would lend itself to a long, spaced out mix. But the track was an LP cut, and hard to find, so back in 2012 we linked our friends at Brooklyn's Names You Can Trust label with Bullwackie and they issued a 10" single of the tune. Fast forward to 2021, and we've dug deep into a long buried archive of Wackie's mastertapes to unearth this record, the never released extended mixes of the tune meant for a 12" single that never materialized. Looks like Wackie and Tyrone knew what the tune needed all along - long epic mixes perfect for the dancefloor or spacing out at home.